SBHC EP academy

SBHC EP academy

Welcome to EP Academy

Developed in Partnership with Duke Health

4 Courses

Robust courses organized into Foundations, Principles (Ablation), Pacing Technology and EGM Storyboards.


Each of the 50 chapters is organized as a reading assignment paired with 3-4 online lectures and 10-20 practice questions.

Online Lectures
and Reading

Includes 18 hours of engaging and practical lecture content and 600+ pages of reading resources for RCES exam preparation.

and Tests

Designed to ensure you’re fully prepared for the RCES exam, features 650 practice questions and 40 practice tests.


No term is left out with 400 glossary terms that help prepare you for the RCES exam.

Total Learning

In total, the program includes 40-50 learning hours,depending on the pace of the learner.

Time to Complete

For most learners, with 1.5 hours per week of study,EP Academy takes 4-6 months to complete.

Designed to Go
Where You Go

EP Academy is Accessible from laptops, tablets and mobile phones, Cath Lab Academy goes where you go.

Continuing Education Units (CEs)

The content has been approved by the American Nursing Credentialing Center for 40 CEs, covering approximately 2 years of nursing license requirements.

Who Uses EP Academy?

EP Academy is designed for anyone interested in preparing to successfully take the RCES exam. Many leading healthcare organizations subscribe to EP Academy as an education and retention tool.

Our customers include:

  • National, Regional & State Healthcare Systems
  • Freestanding, Urban & Rural Hospitals
  • New & Tenured EP RNs and Techs
  • Industry Representatives

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