Customized on-site training programs that build institutional knowledge while improving the skills and efficiency of your staff.

SpringBoard Healthcare leverages a powerful combination of experienced educators, hands-on technology and proven academic practices to develop innovative training and educational modules for your cardiovascular service lines. These programs evolve with the latest clinical advancements and are specifically designed to help you recruit and retain the most knowledgeable staff members.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed by experienced educators and is based on prevailing industry certification. So electrophysiology professionals who receive our training have access to a top-notch, cutting-edge education unlike any other program in the industry. And all of the technology-enabled training materials developed during the course of the program ultimately become the intellectual property of your institution.

Our Educators

Our training staff is comprised of cardiovascular specialists who are not only on the pulse of what’s going on in electrophysiology today, but also helping to shape it for the future. In fact, SpringBoard has already trained 10% of all existing Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialists (RCES) credentialed professionals in the industry.

Unsurpassed Value

It’s easy to see why healthcare organizations choose SpringBoard for their ongoing training needs:

  • Significant cost savings. SpringBoard’s on-site program cost is approximately $6,000 per student for a six-month program compared to $35,000 per student for our competitor’s 2-year program.
  • Shorter time to completion. We offer a shorter training program that can be effectively completed in six months compared to the competitor’s two-year program—all while promoting the latest, most proven protocols.
  • Greater knowledge retention. Unlike our competition, our program leaves a legacy training program with the facility to encourage knowledge retention.
  • In-person guidance. Our trainers are 100% on the job “shoulder-to-shoulder.” Our competition’s model is online or lecture only.
  • Retention of quality staff. Outside educational institutions are prime targets for recruitment, making our model a better approach for organizations that want to retain quality staff after they are trained.

Learn more about why SpringBoard’s training solutions are the right fit for any organization looking to build and retain deep clinical knowledge by contacting us today by calling 866-465-6286.