• Candidates

  • Springboard Staffing has given me the flexibility and financial means to have the adventures I've dreamed about.
    ~ Cheryl – Cath RN
  • I have been working with Springboard Staffing and Brent for about 6 months and it has been a very enjoyable experience. I had been working with another travel company, but it did not provide the personal attention I receive with Springboard. I am able to get in touch with Brent very easily, he is always prompt with returning my messages and answering questions. With my past company I felt like one of many clients my recruiter was trying to juggle. But when dealing with Springboard and Brent I feel like they are focused on only my employment needs, and I don't feel lost in the shuffle.
    ~ Amy C. – Occupational Traveler
  • I would definitely recommend SpringBoard to any of my colleagues looking for a staffing agency. They are trustworthy company; they tell the facts instead of glamorizing the truth. SpringBoard has been able to find me positions in prime locations, when other companies promised they could but were unable to follow through. I can call my recruiter, Jon whenever I have a question, and if he isn’t available at the time I called, he always calls me back in a timely manner. Everyone at Springboard is very friendly and helpful.
    ~ Jen – Physical Therapy Traveler
  • As a traveling couple, my wife and I place top priority on great accommodations, and SpringBoard continues to exceed that standard. My wife and I are a team, so being able to share the best that unique travel locations have to offer is a plus to the adrenaline rush of working with so many of the great Radiation Oncology Centers across the U.S. From my team to yours, thank you for many rewarding experiences.
    ~ Stan H., CMD, Medical Dosimetrist 
  • I never imagined I would have the opportunity to do two things I love so quickly after graduating from school as an occupational therapist. Being able to travel the country while helping people in need has been an unbelievable experience. I am excited about my new career venture and the lives I will be able to touch. SpringBoard has provided me with anything I could ever ask for regarding a first job. I am so thankful for the facility this agency has placed me in.
    ~ Shardia W., Occupational Therapist Professional
  • Thanks SpringBoard for putting us at such a great assignment! It's been a great run.
    ~ Tammy Radiologic Technologist
  • Let me start by saying that I am aware that I have high expectations. I give the best care possible and I expect everyone else to give the same effort in whatever job they do. Having said that, I have been a nurse for 18 years and have worked for greater than 100 facilities I have never experienced this level of excellence in customer service that you have provided to me. I can see that I will enjoy working with you for years to come. Thank you for all you do...Please forward this to your supervisors - ALL OF THEM.
    ~ Chris L, RN-Cardiac Cath Lab 
  • I wanted to say thanks to you and Springboard for helping find me find a job that has turned into the perfect deal for me. It is the exact job I was looking for and as it turns out it is right here in my home town. Springboard made the transition into the 13 week contract and the transition to permanent easy. Great job. Harry
    ~ Harry, EP Technologist
  • Customers

  • I have actively worked with SpringBoard Healthcare as a client since 2005. I have managed numerous Cardiac Cath Labs across the country, and have found SpringBoard to be particularly exceptional when it comes to partnering with me to attract, recruit, and retain the high quality staff I need to be effectively running my lab. SpringBoard's ability to react quickly for staff, address challenges, and communicate honestly is commendable. Their personal approach to their clients only makes them easier to work with. I trust that SpringBoard always has the best interests for my department in mind, and would easily recommend them to any lab looking for a long-term relationship with a staffing partner.
    ~ Victoria H. RCIS – Cardiac Cath Lab – Manager 
Dimensions Healthcare System
  • SpringBoard continues to be a “GO TO” company that I can trust to fill all my staffing needs. I have full confidence that SpringBoard does all the necessary research to ensure they will place a qualified traveler.
    ~ Joanne F., Director, SVRMC
  • SpringBoard is a company I would recommend to any department seeking a quick response that delivers a quality solution.
    ~ James B., Director, NW Medical Center
  • SpringBoard has provided exceptional staffing services to our facility.
    ~ Jerry V., Imaging, SVRHC
  • I am impressed with your company and its people. In the past year, there were several times where we needed to hire technologists who are current in operating both older imaging systems, as well as, the latest technology in imaging systems. Every technologist you provided us was knowledgeable in operating the system we delivered , and they maintained a level of professionalism equal to what we expect from our own employees. SpringBoard's track record with us has been impeccable. Should any of your prospective customers want to hear first hand how well your company has performed, please give them my number.
    ~ Mike H., Partner, Remedy Medical Systems
  • On behalf of the Cardiac/EP Lab at BASMC we wish to extend a generous “Thanks” to SpringBoard for recruitment activities you provided to our lab.
    ~ John R. Supervisor of Invasive Cardiology, Baylor All Saints Medical Center