Talent Acquisition

Connecting you with the most highly skilled, in-demand clinical professionals

Your organization is probably all-too-familiar with the challenges of recruiting and retaining clinical team members within the cardiovascular field. There is a distinct lack of trained talent available today to match the growing demand for these services. At the same time, losing a key member of your team—or having a position vacant for a long stretch of time—dramatically impacts your ability to serve more patients and maintain your profitability.

Finding the precise mix of skills, work style and personality to meet your needs
SpringBoard Healthcare specializes in talent acquisition for this specific niche, so we are extremely skilled in determining which individuals have the right background, education and skill sets needed to succeed in this dynamic industry. We can also pinpoint ideal candidates based on the specific requirements of your position, existing team members and corporate culture.

Providing extensive background checks and screening
At SpringBoard, we know that you are entrusting the care of your patients to our clinical professionals and we take this responsibility extremely seriously. This includes the following efforts to carefully screen and identify highly qualified candidates:

  • Our broad network allows for extensive reference checking.
  • SpringBoard’s extensive database allows you to easily search for past successful clinical talent at specific locations.
  • We employ a variety of proprietary screening processes to give our clients the peace of mind that each individual truly possesses the appropriate skills and background.
  • We are Joint Commission credentialed.

Proactive, continuous recruitment efforts
At the same time, we’re always expanding our strong pool of qualified candidates through proactive recruitment efforts that allow us to rapidly deliver on your placement needs—whether you are a large national health system or small regional hospital. We have thousands of candidates that have already been carefully vetted and our internal team makes over 2,000 phone calls per week to further develop our network.

To learn more about how SpringBoard’s talent acquisition solutions can help you maintain a team of highly qualified staff members that will hit the ground running, contact us today: public@springboardhealthcare.com.