Employee Benefits

Springboard Staffing Employee Benefits

Top Notch Pay
Whether you’re on a travel assignment or in a permanent position, we negotiate fiercely on your behalf to get you the salary you deserve—often exceeding industry standards.

Insurance and Retirement
Our travel and temporary contractors receive an outstanding benefits package that includes 401(k), as well as, medical, dental and disability coverage.

Fantastic Locations
The companies we work with are located in some of the best areas of the country, ensuring you a great quality of life outside the office.

Work Environments that Work for You
We get to know you well, so we can present you with opportunities that match your personality and work style.

Superior Private Housing for Travel Contracts
Whether you’re alone or with the whole family, you’ll be the sole occupant of secure, clean, and comfortable accommodations.

Licensure Reimbursement
We provide reimbursement assistance with state licensing costs upon completion of your assignment.

Health Documentation
We’ll handle all paperwork and double-check all certifications, including physical exams and blood tests related to your next assignment, so you can concentrate on your work.